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YES celebrates 15 years of supporting North Shore's disability community

On October 3rd YES had a fantastic evening celebrating our 15 year anniversary. This fully sponsored event was held at the Spencer on Byron and was attended by people who have provided their support to Yes over the last 15 years!









Attitude TV

"Being Us Andrey and Eilish"

28 May 2017

This story has a special connection to YES Disability Resource Centre. Not only was Eilish Wilkes the recipient of the 2016 Youth Spirit Attitude Award, she was also one of our Carabiner Mentoring Mentees.

If you would like more information about our Carabiner Mentoring Programme, please contact us.

In the meantime, we wish Eilish and her family all the best with their future endeavours in Taupo.

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Channel Magazine

"New Partners at YES Disability Resource Centre"

Written by Sonia Thursby


The Blind Foundation is moving into the YES Disability Resource Centre, establishing a base here on the North Shore.  This is exciting news for people with sight impairments north of the bridge.  The foudnation provides practical and emotional support for kiwis who are blind or have low vision, helping them face the future with confidence.  We look forward to welcoming them officially on 1st October.  Meanwhile we have builders and plumbers in at YES giving us a spruce up ready for our new house mates.

Not just the Blind Foundation but also Achilles NZ joins the house.

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"Report on Invisible Disabilities"

Written by Sonia Thursby

August 2017

A State of the Sector Report – A youth perspective on Invisible Disabilities – Launched in Parliament by Disibility Issues Minister The Hon. Nicky Wagner, is our latest and most significant piece of work.

We are so proud to be part of the first significant New Zealand-only research paper for the invisible disabilities sector. This paper is a direct reflection of what is it like for young people and their families to live with an invisible disability in New Zealand. They’ve also given us some amazing feedback on how the system needs to change so they can reach their full potential.

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"Help in Holland"

Written by Mackenzie Kench

July 2017

One of the most cited metaphors in the disability community is "Welcome to Holland".  American author and social activist, Emily Perl Kingsley, used this metaphor in a piece of writing to describe what it is like having a child with a dsiability.  However, Kingsley's metaphor is relevant to anyone entering the dsiability community, not just for parents.

As explained by Kinglsey, there is nothing wrong with cisiting Holland, unless you had planned to visit another country.  Becoming a part of the disability community is often unexpected and therefore changes people's lives in ways they never envisaged.

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"Youth Week: Yes I Can"

Written by Mackenzie Kench

June 2017

Youth week, which was held from the 26th May to 4th June, was all about acknowledging and celebrating the talents, passion and success of young people across the country.

At the Yes Disability Resource Centre we are currently working on ensuring we are providing young people with the services they need and want to become the best adult they can be.

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"Driving Forward with Disability"

Written by Mackenzie Kench

May 2017

Learning to drive is a rite of passage for adolescents across the globe, but, for those who have disabilities, no matter how mild, getting a driving licence is even more challenging.  For some people with disabilities, using their feet to operate brakes and speed is not possible or particularly safe.

Fortunately, with some adaptations, this particular hurdle can be overcome easily.  However, finding, trialling and funding adaptations is not a simple processm which adds to the pressure of learning to drive, which is usually a tense situation for those involved.

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"Sailing Wheelchair and All"

Written by Mackenzie Kench

April 2017

Carrying on from our slight mention of sailing in our last article, people may be wondering how disability and sailing go together?  The answer is simple: boats can be adapted in ways you never thought possible, whether it is a smaller boat such as the Hansa Access Liberty or a larger ship such as the Jubilee Sailing Trust's SV Tenatious.

The YES Disability Resource Centre has had the privilege of working alongside the Jubilee Sailing Trust to establish their identity in the disability community and thereby helping to promote the trust's mission of social inclusion, integration and diversity within the local community.

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"Admiration or Inspiration"

Written by Mackenzie Kench

March 2017

The phrase "you are inspiring" always sounds complementary and is meant in a genuine way.  However, as Stella Young famously implied in her TedTalk, disabled people "don't want to be your inspiration porn".  By this, she meant able-bodied people should not be inspired by people with disabilities just going about doing normal everyday activities.  If it is not inspiring when somebody without a disabiltiy gets out of bed and gets dressed, why is it isnpiring when somebody with a disability does the same?

On the other hand, to admire somebody means that you look up to them and respect them.  For most people, disabled or not, there are just some days when you don't want to get out of bed, and there is nothing wron with respecting somebody's choice to get out of bed every day and live their lives to the fullest.

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"Considerate and Courteous Car Parking on the North Shore"

Written by Mackenzie Kench

February 2017

Misuse of accessible parking is once again a hot topic in the press and here at the Yes Disability Resource Centre, we have been inundated with questions and requests for comments, so in our article this month I will share our thoughts and what we know.

CCS Disability Action monitored who uses 360 accessible car paks around New Zealand.  It was foudn taht 31% of the people who parked in these car parks, did not have the CCS Disability Parking Permit, meaning the were illegally parked in these spaces.  Furthermore, in a related interview, 74 people (roughly 17% of all the interviewees) admitted to parking in an accessible car pak, when they should not have been parked there.

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"Introducting IceBreaker"

Written by Mackenzie Kench

December 2016 / January 2017

The summer holidays used to mean the opportunity for students to leave the past school year behind and start the new year afresh.  This was particularly important for students who had experienced bullying from classmates.  However, now, social media means that students can still be bullied once the leave the school grounds.  The Yes Disability Resource Ccentre has recognised that bullting is an issue for many people, whether or not they have a disability.  It is also recognised that bullying occurs in workplaces and schools alike.

For this reason, the team at the Yes Disability Resource Centre has developed IceBreaker, a programme educating different groups of people on bullying and what they can do about it. IceBreaker offers three different workshops for young people, caregivers and businesses. The workshops involves young people speaking about their own experiences of bullying and how they dealt with their situations.

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"The Cube sets world record for International Disability Day"

4 December 2014

On Wednesday, December 3rd, the 22nd anniversary of the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities, a special part of our community gathered to create history. With support from around the country, The Cube, who support and inspire young people with disabilities to do amazing and unexpected things, broke the Guinness World Record for the ‘longest line of moving wheelchairs’, at Auckland’s Mount Smart Stadium.

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