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Pro-Ed Assessment, Therapy, and Tutoring for Children

Ph: 09 478 5523

Website: http://www.proed.co.nz

Specialists in and treatment of learning difficulties and behavioural problems in children

Is your child experiencing problems that you think are linked to their learning? Your child may be gifted or be showing signs of other recognised conditions. Want to know more?

Need assessment for your child?

Assessments for behavioural problems & learning difficulties. Learn which diagnosis, programmes & solutions are available to children, students or adults. More on assessing learning difficulties »

How therapy and counselling helps children

Learn how therapy and counselling from Pro-Ed specialists can be used to provide solutions for behavioural problems or learning difficulties in children & adults. More on therapy and counselling »

Meet our highly qualified team

Learn about Pro Ed Staff. We provide special or early childhood education. Learn how we help gifted children & pre-school, student or adults learners with difficulties. More about the Pro Ed team »

Pro Ed provide a holistic approach

At Pro Ed we believe each child and adult is a unique and exceptional individual who should be able to function as a happy, healthy, accomplished member of their family and society as a whole.

We take a holistic approach when assessing and treating children and adults with a range of learning difficulties and behavioural problems including dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD/ADHD, autism, and Asperger’s syndrome. We also specialise in the assessment of gifted and twice-exceptional children and offer on-going support to help them achieve greatness.

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