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The Salvation Army: Education and Employment

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Website: http://educationandemployment.org.nz

Delivering education that helps people achieve qualifications, and matching people to jobs.

The Salvation Army Education and Employment (E&E) is passionate about transforming lives. We’ve helped thousands of people into brighter futures with credits toward nationally recognised qualifications, job training, job placement, and life skills and work ethics that help people get ahead.

At the heart of E&E is the philosophy that each person has great potential no matter their upbringing or current situation. E&E shares The Salvation Army’s DNA, and is a major contributor in the efforts to achieve the Territory’s mission.

Foundation learning is key to employment and employment is key to living an independent and fulfilling life. Since 1978 E&E has upskilled over 60,000 New Zealanders and is New Zealand’s longest running Private Training Establishment. With 16 locations nationwide we’re also one of the largest service providers.

Also, E&E students and their families have access to Chaplains who are drawn from The Salvation Army Corps (Church) and have requisite qualifications for their roles as ordained or lay Ministers.

Chaplains bring a critical set of relational skills for mentoring and supporting students and staff. And it is through this chaplaincy approach that students and their families are assisted to access the holistic support network available through the wider Salvation Army services.

Trust us for your entry level education and employment needs.

E&E's mission:

The Salvation Army aims to care for people and transform lives. We work for the reform of society by alleviating poverty, deprivation and disadvantage, and by challenging evil, injustice and oppression. As a “programme” within the parent organisation of The Salvation Army, E&E adheres to the The Salvation Army's over-arching mission and principles.

The Salvation Army has the mission of “caring for people and transforming lives and reforming society”.  Within this mission there are four goals, the third of which is to “take steps to eradicate poverty”.

Contributing to these aims, the mission of E&E is to transform lives, including a particular focus on equitable access to opportunities and improved well-being, through assisting more people to progress to higher education and employment.

E&E provides education that will assist individuals to obtain employment and thereby improve lives and assist with eradicating poverty.

Mission Statement:

“Transforming lives through education and employment”

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