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Spina Bifida Association New Zealand

Website: http://spinabifida.org.nz

We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and encouraging parents expecting a baby diagnosed with Spina Bifida and parents of children, young adults and adults living with Spina Bifida.

If you’re a parent expecting a baby diagnosed with a neural tube defect like Spina Bifida, we would love you to join us.  You will meet other parents who can share their experiences, and offer help, support and information to you.

We encourage you to watch the following clip on You Tube – Project ELI.avi The goal of the video is to be a source of comfort to families who have just heard that they are expecting a baby with Spina Bifida as there are a lot of questions and anxiety that come with this prenatal diagnosis.  You will not regret taking the time to watch it …

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