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Open Home Foundation of New Zealand

Website: http://www.ohf.org.nz

The Open Home Foundation of New Zealand is a Child and Family Support Service that works within the provisions of the Children, Young Persons and Their Families Act 1989.

Open Home Foundation staff and volunteers are from a variety of Christian Church denominations. We respect the diversity of belief and ethnicity found within our nation.

We encourage children and parents to be proud of their family/whānau and cultural heritage. In particular, we have a commitment to work in a manner which is honouring to Māori, and reflects the Treaty of Waitangi. See Tupu Tahi.

Social Work Services

Find out about social work services for families/whanau referred to OHF by Child, Youth and Family. These services include: Social Work Support to CYF Caregivers and Kin Carers; Manaaki Whanau Support to CYF Caregivers and Whanau Carers; Prevention of Entry into Care; Family Reunification Services

Care Services 

Even with a high level of support there are times when it becomes necessary for children and young people to leave the care of their parents. Wherever possible this care is undertaken by kin. Where this is not possible foster care can be provided for a short time as respite or on a longer term or permanent basis if necessary

OASIS – Respite for children/young people with a disability

Respite care services to support families to continue the primary care of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder or with Intellectual Disability. Services are located in Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Wellington and Hawke's Bay.

Intensive Wraparound Support

Families who care for children with high needs may be eligible to receive intensive wraparound support to meet their child's needs and to support the family to care for them. Referrals for Intensive Wraparound Support are made to Open Home Foundation by the NASC.

Parent Mentoring Services (freshperspective)

freshperspective is a free nationwide adult to adult parent mentoring service designed to support parents and caregivers to recognise their strengths and abilities, connect them with supports in their communities and bring a fresh perspective to life.

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