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New Zealand Foundation for Conductive Education

Ph: 0800 169 323

Email: nzfce@cecanterbury.org

Website: http://conductive-education.org.nz

At Conductive Education we aim to provide a nurturing environment for the whole family.  We welcome and appreciate family/whanau involvement so that you are able to learn how to support your child or adult at home.

Conductive Education recognise that family members are also living with a movement disorder and that they often need support, guidance and practical help to meet everyday challenges.  We work with the whole family to support the home environment which supports learning and provides opportunities for the child or adult, to develop skills which are important in everyday life.

Conductive Education centres in New Zealand cater for babies and pre-schoolers in their early childhood / early intervention programmes; students in the 5-21 age range in the four school facilities and adults in the two adult centres.  Other opportunities may also exist in local areas, e.g. after school programmes.

Conductive Education was originally developed for people who have motor disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, however it has become apparent that the way the programme teaches is beneficial for a wide range of disabilities.

The list below is not exhaustive but will give you an idea of who may benefit from participation in a Conductive Education programme:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Spina Bifidia
  • Perceptual Disorders
  • Gross and fine motor delay
  • Global Developmental Delay
  • Dyspraxia
  • Muscular conditions
  • Head/brain injuries
  • Stroke
  • Parkinsons
  • Multiple Sclerosis
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