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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

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Website: http://www.grg.org.nz

GRG provides regional and local support through support groups, Community Outreach and Advocates with specialised knowledge and skills to assist caregivers as well education, training, critical information and support at each step of the caregiver’s journey.

Our membership is diverse across all socio-economic levels and various ethnic groups including European, Maori, Pasific and Asian communities.  Our members range in age from early 40s to 90s and include great grandparents raising their great grandchildren.


How we can help

For most grandparents, raising grandchildren is a result of an unexpected and traumatic event that requires a significant readjustment to their lives and those of their grandchildren. Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Trust NZ is a unique organisation that has a deep understanding of both the benefits of grandchildren being raised by their grandparents and the challenges it can present.

We provide support services to grandparents and whanau caregivers who are raising their grandchildren and whanau/kin on a full-time basis

Our Approach

For more than 95% of the families we work with the grandparents have become full-time caregivers as a result of a traumatic event or family breakdown. The fallout for both the grandchildren and grandparents is life changing and requires a deep understanding of their needs as they work to reform their family.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren NZ has adopted an integrated approach to meeting these needs, ensuring we are able to provide grandparents and their family with the services they need either directly or indirectly as they arise. 

Central to our approach is preparing grandparents and whanau caregivers for the challenges that lie ahead and ensuring they know what support is available when needed. Our Grandparents’ Roadmap is informed by one of our Guiding Principles – Empowerment. It clearly maps out the transition stages, the challenges and the support we make available.

Our Services - Empowering Positive Connections

In keeping with our vision, ‘A community where full time grandparent and whanau caregivers are empowered to provide a safe, secure and nurturing home for the children in their care’ our portfolio of services supports first and foremost the caregiver so they are equipped and enabled to perform their role as full time caregiver.

Portfolio of Support Services

Crisis Support

Including emergency crisis line (0800 GRANDS), clothing and care packages, guidance and advice.

From brushing up on parenting skills to updating technology skills to the influence of social media, we ensure our grandparent and whanau caregivers have access to relevant programmes. Our biennial member training summits are an opportunity for fellowship and learning.

Support Groups
A nationwide network of Grandparent groups providing local grassroots support and fellowship to more than 3,000 grandparent and whanau member families.

Advice and Advocacy

Ranging from legal to financial support to counselling referrals and field officer support. A network of advisers readily available to help when needed. 

Holiday programmes and camps are available to families— providing children with life skills and adventure—and their caregivers with a well-earned break.


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