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Call us on
(09) 414 5360

Disabled Persons Assembly New Zealand

Ph: (0) 801 9100

Email: gen@dpa.org.nz

Website: http://www.dpa.org.nz

DPA New Zealand is a Disabled Person’s Organisation (DPO) that includes all disability groups. We work in collaboration with others to achieve inclusion for all New Zealanders.

Your impairment could be physical or sensory, you may have a learning disability or experience of mental illness or your disability could be neurological, health or age related.

We project an active, independent voice that reflects your aspirations, your concerns and your rights.
Every disabled person is listened to, as are all organisations within our disability community.

DPA has a network of regional assemblies made up of DPA members living or based in a region. 

Each regional assembly elects a Regional Executive Committee or some other way to organise how regional members communicate with each other. Some regions hold local forums, produce newsletters or communicate via email.

We can provide you with local contact details if you contact us in Wellington by phone (04) 801 9100 or email gen@dpa.org.nz.

To ensure your voice is heard, and to advance your aspirations, we work with and help you work with:

  • government
  • your local community
  • the general public
  • the media, and
  • disability service providers.
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