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(09) 414 5360


Ph: 09 815 3232

Email: auckland@talklink.org.nz

Website: http://www.talklink.org.nz

Assistive communication services for people who have difficulty communicating through speech, gesture or writing. Provides: assessments, equipment trials, training and support, the completion of funding applications, consultation meetings with clients and allied professional,
information provision, workshops and seminars, support packages to schools.

Linking you to the right Assistive Technology

  • TalkLink works with people of all ages who, due to a disability, have difficulties with speaking, writing, learning and/or with controlling their environment.
  • The TalkLink Trust has contracts with the Ministry of Health and ACC which allows TalkLink to offer free specialist assessment services to eligible clients.
  • The TalkLink team is able to provide services throughout New Zealand, and usually travel to meet with their clients in a location chosen by the client.
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