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(09) 414 5360

Orthotic Centre (NZ) Ltd

Ph: 09 525 6061

Email: info@orthotics.co.nz

Website: https://www.orthotics.co.nz

Orthotic Centre (NZ) Ltd, trading as the Orthotic Centre, was originally established in Auckland in 1991 to provide clinical and manufacturing services. Since then further Centres have been established, in Wellington, Hamilton, Dunedin, Invercargill and Christchurch. Clients have access to our service in the following ways:

  • by client funded self referral
  • by client funded prescription or referral
  • by Crown funded prescription or referral issued by a hospital based medical specialist (or other health professional with prescribing authority) employed by a District Health Board
  • by ACC funded(accepted claim) prescription or referral issued by a registered medical specialist

Our Auckland Centres provide orthotic services at our clinical rooms in Ellerslie. In addition, our orthotists are on site at all the District Health Boards, as well as the Wilson Centre, Rehab Plus, the Spinal Unit, Carlson School for Cerebral Palsy and Special Needs Schools.

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