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Parkinson's New Zealand

Ph: 0800 473 4636 (0800 4 PD INFO)

Email: info@parkinsons.org.nz

Website: http://www.parkinsons.org.nz

Parkinson's New Zealand provides: Education, Information and Support for all people with Parkinson's, their caregivers, friends and families.

Founded in 1983, The Parkinsonism Society of New Zealand (Parkinson’s New Zealand) is a community based, non-profit organisation, registered with the Charities Commission and reliant on funding from grants, bequests and donations.

We have 20 divisions and branches supported by a National Office in Wellington.

We offer members:

  • A Community Educator Service.
  • Publications about Parkinson’s.
  • Regular information through our quarterly magazine, The Parkinsonian.
  • A special interest group called UPBEAT for people with early-onset Parkinson’s and their families.
  • A library.
  • National representation and lobbying.
  • Seminars and conferences.

We also provide information and educational services to non-members, health professionals and the general public. We work closely with other neurological organisations, and in some less populated areas, Parkinson's Community Educator Services are supplied by the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Parkinson's Awareness Week

Parkinson's Awareness Week is held on 1-7 November every year.

The World Parkinson’s Charter, signed by Parkinson’s New Zealand

Declared this 11th day of April, 1997:

People with Parkinson's disease have the right to:

  • Be referred to a doctor with a specialist interest in Parkinson's,
  • Receive an accurate diagnosis,
  • Have access to support services,
  • Receive continuous care, and
  • Take part in managing the illness.
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