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The Lowdown

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Website: https://thelowdown.co.nz

Sometimes life’s ups and downs are more than just the usual ups and downs. 

If you’re stuck feeling bad we’ll help you figure out if it could be anxiety or depression. Whatever’s going on you’ll find ideas and people who can help you get unstuck.

The Lowdown is a website to help young New Zealanders recognise and understand depression or anxiety. Through encouraging early recognition and help for depression or anxiety we intend to reduce the impact depression or anxiety has on the lives of young New Zealanders, now and throughout their adult lives.

However they may be feeling, The Lowdown is full of ideas and people who can help them get unstuck and get to a better place. The site has been designed to reflect the changing way young people go online so it’s fully mobile optimised.

On the site young people can find:

  • Helpful information on anxiety, depression (and other issues they may be struggling with like leaving school or getting on with their parents).
  • Videos of 13 real young people telling their stories.
  • Quick steps to help build healthy mental wellbeing.
  • Healthy behaviours to build resilience.
  • Places to go to get help.
  • Information for anyone worried about a friend.
  • A moderated forum for young people to share stories and experiences and provide peer-to-peer support.
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