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Local Providers - Auckland Area

Please note we are linked to many organisations, however this is not by way of endorsement.

ADHD Association (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
Ph: 570 5646 Fax: 570 5648
Help and support members and all those involved with the care, management, upbringing and education of ADHD people, from childhood through to adulthood.

(Refer also to "Teenadders" for further support information for teenagers living with AD/HD.) 

Age Concern North Shore
Ph: 489 4975  Fax 486 2928
An information and resource agency linking older people with groups and organisations offering practical help, advice and support to those over sixty years of age in our community. Services include: Accredited Visiting Service, Elder Abuse & Neglect Service Information & Resource nexus Reliable trades people, Handyman, Gardeners ,Home help, Jigsaw library, Resource library, Field Officer/Advocacy Prescott Club (Luncheon club for frailer older people),Education/Health Promotion, Calendar of Activities, Transport Services, Total Mobility assessment & distribution, Health promotion website (www.agewell.org.nz) ,Community Development, Advisory Services Consumer Representation/Submissions, Research development & support. Age Concerns Accredited Visiting Service provides a service that matches an older person with a suitable, trained volunteer visitor, who will visit on average for approx. 1 hour a week.
AIDS New Zealand AIDS Foundation
Ph: 303 3124, national office: Ph: 303 3124                
Provides information and referral service concerning HIV/AIDS. Community education program, library, policy and information advice.
Allergy New Zealand
Ph:0800 34 0800 Fax: 623 0091                                           
A national organisation providing support, education and information for people with allergies and their families. Allergy NZ publishes a quarterly magazine Allergy Today. It has a medical advisory panel and reciprocal membership with other allergy education groups worldwide.
Alzheimers Foundation Auckland Inc.                   
Ph: 444 2993
Alzheimers Foundation Auckland Inc offers education, information, advice and support to the person with dementia, their carers, family and friends. This support continues from diagnosis to residential care and beyond if required. All services are provided by a professional team of qualified healthcare advisors.                                                               
Amputee Society of Auckland & Northland Inc.                 
Ph: 09 833-8057                                         
Providing immediate and onging support all amputees, including education and advice with regard to rehabilitation, social and physical networks etc.
Anger Change Trust Auckland Inc.
Ph: 476 6947                                                  
Parent Education & Group counselling. Provides programmes for parents designed to prevent child abuse. The programme consists of two modules which are offered regularly. Day or evening groups offered.
Arthritis New Zealand North Shore Service Centre     
Ph: 443 5600
Arthritis Clinics, Client & Health Professional Education, Community Seminars. Free Arthritis Educator services enable you to understand your diagnosis, manage your pain, consider treatment options, understand your medications, increase your mobility and refer to other health professionals.
Aspergers/Autism Support group North Shore                   
Ph: 419 0210                                                   
Auckland Asthma Society Inc.       
Ph: 630 2293   Fax: 623 0774                
Offers free education, advice and support for those with asthma and their families. Pacific Island community workers available and a Maori educator. Free counselling by phone or at the centre. Regular magazines produced, pamphlets available on asthma.
Auckland Cancer Society
Ph: 308 0160, Fax: 308 0175 Research, health promotion, information service, volunteer services, and support groups. A community liaison nurse providing home visits for information and support for the North Shore, Okura, Silverdale, Orewa, Walkworth and Wellsford areas.
Auckland City Mission
Ph: 379 2395 Fax: 309 4292 Social care and medical support for people. National service.
Auckland Dyspraxia Support Group
Ph: 473 9055
Offers help, support and information.
Auckland Post Polio Support Group Inc.                      
Ph: 534 6151 Fax:537 3104
Provide support & info to polio survivors, families and friends on local and overseas research and developments and hold group activities. A quarterly newsletter Polio Happenings  is published and they hold quarterly meetings at Disability Resources Centre.
Auckland Society for Music Therapy    
Ph: 634 7300  
Autism NZ Inc.           
Ph: 846 0913   Fax: 846 0342                
Support groups for parents, fathers, siblings, teens, Chinese speakers, School holiday programmes. Early bird Programme - free training course for parents of pre-school children. 3hrs per week for 3 months plus ongoing work with the child. Also pen pals for teenager/adults with autism/aspergers.
Barnardos North Shore
Ph: 481 0045 or 0800 KIDSTART (0800 543 782)                
Interested in being a Kidstart caregiver? Find out more about Kidstart Home-based Care & Learning
Barrier Free NZ Trust
Ph: 04 915 5848   Fax 04 915 5849                   
Training and education, Provision of technical advice  Management of the International Symbol of Access, Accessibility Audits, Accredited Barrier Free Advisors.
Bereavement Care Service                                           
Ph: Sharron 021 880 382
One-to-one support for parents who have lost a child through death.
Brain Injury Association of Auckland              
Ph: 441 6246
Provide support for people with brain injury and their families/whanau, assistance and advocacy in liaising with ACC, District Health Boards and other government or associated agencies, information or assistance to obtain the appropriate professional help or service, make educational presentations about brain injury and its consequences.
Brain Injury Association of New Zealand Inc (BIANZ)
Ph: 414 5693 Fax: 415 5643
BIANZ provides information, advocacy and support to people with brain injury and their families and carers. There are 14 regional associations around New Zealand, who, through the liaison service provide a range of practical assistance such as support groups, social activities, and regular newsletters. BIANZ, with support from ACC, has also established an Education Advisory Service with the aim of raising awareness of brain injury and promoting prevention strategies. The Education Advisory Service offers free educational workshops to workplaces, organisations and community groups to provide information about brain injury, what support is available for individuals and their families living with brain injury, and how to recognise and prevent a brain injury.

Care On Call
Ph: 445 8055 Fax: 445 8057 Email: care@careoncall.co.nz
Care on Call provides private non-medical Home & Community Support Services - ie personal support for injured/incapacitated clients, for example overnight support and help with showering and dressing; and household support such as meal preparation, home cleaning, companionship and childcare. In addition we have well trained and experienced carers in the areas of:
  • Palliative care
  • Spinal injury/hoist care
  • Dementia and Alzheimer's care
  • Care for the disabled / elderly / young
  • Care for sufferers of debilitating ailments such as multiple sclerosis

Care on Call is also a fully contracted provider to the Accident Compensation Commission in the areas of:
  • Serious injury
  • Non-Serious injury
  • Childcare

Care is provided through a care plan to private clients with either short of long term needs, for anything from 1hr to 24hrs including 24/7 care. We service North Shore, West Auckland, and Central/Eastern suburbs.All carers are Police checked, and comprehensively reference checked before they commence in our team, and our quality standards and their execution stand up to scrutiny. What this means to clients is that we are a feasible and credible provider of home care should the need arise, whether it is to be privately funded or through the ACC. Should you have any questions please call us on 445 8055.


CCS Disability Action Auckland Branch Regional Office
Ph: 09 625 9378  Fax:  09 625 6177
Administrator for Mobility Parking and Total Mobility on Ph: 624 2561
CCS is an agency for the Total Mobility scheme and costs $28 in total ($20 annual membership to CCS and $8 card cost). You do not need to be a member of CCS when applying for Total Mobility card.  For Parking in disability spaces, a Mobility Parking Permit allows you to park 30 mins longer in time restricted zones, double the time for a normal parking space.  Long term permits, five year term $50. Short term permits, valid for up to 12 months $35.00. For an application form, contact your general practitioner, medical specialist or nearest CCS branch. Remember that MPP cards can only be issued with your doctors signed approval..
CCS Disability Action Information Service
Ph: 0800 227 2255                                     
Provide info including books, videos, journal articles, web based resources or a list of addresses for support organisations. to help you answers questions like: how can I help when my child is having problems with toileting, are there support groups for people with Spina bifida in New Zealand, I have Cerebral Palsy can I drive? What does the supported lifestyles model mean? Help! I have to do a project on disability.
Cerebral Palsy Society of NZ Inc.
Cerebral Palsy Helpline: 0800 503 603
This free phone service is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, for information, advice and support on all aspects of cerebral palsy.

Child's Play O.T.
Ph: 630 9314
Aprivate Occupational Therapy-Sensory Integration Therapy practice catering for children, adolescents and adults. www.childsplayot.co.nz
Children's Autism Foundation
PH: (09) 415 7406
Christian Ministries with Disabled Trust Auckland Centre
Ph: 636 4763
Offers friendship and fellowship to people of all ages.
Citizens Advice Bureau
Providing a free, impartial and confidential service of information, assistance and referral to people in our communities. Trained CAB volunteers can assist you with almost any issue, discuss your options with you and give you contact numbers for any services or organisations that may be able to help further. Also provide information sheets on topics such as debt, breakdown of relationships and renting. They provide step-by-step guides to help you find out what you need to know. Birkenhead: 33 Rawene Rd Birkenhead Auckland Ph: 418 0032; Glenfield-Library/Council Bldg, 90 Bentley Ave Glenfield Auckland Ph: 444 9451; Takapuna, Community Services Building 7 The Strand Takapuna Auckland
Ph: 486 3139;Browns Bay: Council Bldg 2 Glen Rd Browns Bay Ph: 479 2222; Northcote: Northcote Citizens Centre Ernie Mays St Northcote Auckland Ph: 480 2971; Helensville: 23 Commercial Rd Helensville Ph: 09 420 7162;Hibiscus Coast: Orewa Square Hibiscus Coast Ph: 09 426 5338; Wellsford Community Centre+:1 Matheson Rd Wellsford Ph: 09 423 7333
CMA (Centres of Mutual Aid)
Ph: 489 8954
For all ages in need of friendship and support for the elderly, lonely or disabled. There are 9 locations on the Shore and each centre has its own day from 10am to 1pm.  Offering craftwork, card and board games, entertainment, outings and social contact. Offers social activities and friendship for people who are older and/or disabled in the community. Meet weekly for activities and companionship in 8 centres operating in Devonport, Takapuna, Mairangi Bay, Sunnynook, Glenfield, Bays, Hibiscus Coast and Warkworth. Morning tea, lunch and transport provided. Transport can be arranged free of charge. Annual subscription $10.
Coeliac Society of NZ (Inc)
Ph: 820 5157 Email: coeliac@xtra.co.nz                
Support, advice and education for people diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis.
Community Neurobehavioral Service  
Ph: 815 5643                                                
Supporting those with brain injury or intellectual disability
2020 Communications Trust/ Computer Access New Zealand Trust (CANZ)
Ph: 04 472 5518  Fax: 04 472 5536
Helps communities start computer related projects by providing cheap recycled computers & training and support. Also provides computers to families. Accredited CANZ recyclers: The Ark2 Ross Reid PlaceEast TamakiAuckland PO Box 68-078, Auckland. Ph: 272 2676
Fax: 272 8276
Complex Carers Group
Ph: 443 5786

Computer Services for Care Home Residents (Personalised Installs & Education).
Ph: 09 966 4488
Creative Abilities
Ph: 444 0608 Fax: 444 6545
Sports Group from 10:00am to 11:30am held at different venues each week.
Provides residential services to people with Physical Disabilities, mainly Cerebral Palsy, or those with other high and complex Physical Disabilities. We have a Day Centre on the North Shore.
Cystic Fibrosis Assoc.
Ph: 636 0351
Provides information and support for people with Cystic Fibrosis and their families. Family Support -Co-ordinator available for home, hospital or office visits. Also provided are regular meeting for education and patient contact.
De Paul House
Ph: 480 5959
Provides emergency housing. Assist families to obtain affordable housing and offers education programmes.
Deaf Association of NZ
Ph: 820 5038 Fax: 820 5039                                  
Service co-ordinators provide needs assessment to assess the needs of Deaf people and link Deaf people to appropriate servcies,eg. access to training courses, access to social and community services, essential equipment to enable them to function independently, employment/vocational support. Another service is the New Zealand Sign Language Interpreter Services which provides a booking system for all sign language interpreting needs.
Diabetes Auckland      
Ph: 623 2508   Fax: 623 2567                
An education, information and support centre for people with diabetes, their family, friends and people with a health interest in diabetes. Provides group education courses as well as education for practice nurses. Other services include an extensive support network drop-in centre, telephone support and info, magazines and publicity material.
Disabled Persons Assembly -DPA North Shore  
Ph: 480 9395   Fax: 480 9358
Advocates to government, Ministry of Health, Council (access) and other organisations for people with disabilities. Provides open meetings for discussion on current issues of concern with disabled people. Action members requests for access issues which go direct to the Councils DAG (Disability Action Group) Committee. Produce a newsletter six times a year informing members about changes in legislation and improvement in services.
Door to Door Books (Household Service)
Ph: 377 0209
For people permanently unable to get to a library themselves or who cannot physically carry books home. The service is free for those who belong to the library and the bonus is you¹re exempt from overdue fines.
Down Syndrome Playgroup
Ph: 488 4688                                                 
Dyspraxia & Special Needs Support Group   
Ph: 473 9055 Email: willingcaln@xtra.co.nz
Dyspraxia Support Group Auckland
Ph: 623 4010
A parent-initiated, voluntary support group for all who care for children with Developmental Dyspraxia. Offers help, support and info.
Ph: (03) 388 1204   Fax(03) 388 1271                 
Eldernet provides you with timely, relevant, and comprehensive information about services that are available for older people. This site includes a database directory of New Zealand rest homes, residential care, retirement villages, home help, community groups, public hospitals and other third age services for seniors.
Enable New Zealand
Head office (06) 353 5800 Fax: (06) 353 5786
Enable NZ provides disability info and referrals, administers funding for equipment, housing modifications and vehicle purchase and modification; manages the issue of rehabilitation equipment to ACC claimants; refurbishes, repairs and delivers equipment; modifies, repairs and maintains wheelchairs; provides external/assessment point of view and rational into service areas; support links to provide needs assessment and service coordination provision for the Manawatu, Tararua and Horowhenua. weka: website where people can access info. Categories: Living with a disability; disease; resources for Maori; library resources; support services; second hand notice board for equipment; equipment for sale including suppliers and hire equipment.
Epilepsy NZ North Shore/ Rodney Branch    
Ph: 442 0977
Combined support groups for people with epilepsy and their families. Information/education for children with epilepsy and their families/ teachers in their homes, preschool or educational setting.
Family Planning Association (EPA)
Ph: 486 1014 Fax: 486 1024
A not-for-profit primary health provider. Only partly government funded, so rely on fundraising and fees to provide a full service. There are eight main clinics in Auckland. For contact: call the Takapuna Clinic. Clinical, education, professional training.
Family Works
Ph: 620 4750
Support and advocacy. In Auckland the Leslie Centre team provides social work, counselling, group work.
FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome)
Ph: 636 0359                
Fathers Support Group
Ph: 838 6535
The Fathers Support Group is based in Waitakere area but fathers from all areas are welcome to attend.
Focus 2000
Ph: 8466 295
Community Living Services provides residential environments for people with a physical or intellectual disability, aged 16 and over, to live in the community and become as independent as possible. Conductive Education for children with motor disorders and with developmental delay. Conductive Education assists parents to help their children be like other kids. Creative Therapy is an established healthcare profession that uses creativity (drama, music, art) to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals of all ages. Home Based Support Services assist people with a physical, intellectual or sensory disability to remain in their own home or other private accommodation with maximum independence and optimum quality of life.
Medi-Call community nursing service specialises in the ongoing management and treatment of injury or trauma, seven days a week. Mobility Rehabilitation provide a service which assists people with disabilities in regaining or maintaining their independence through increased mobility and functional capacity aged 16 - 64. Social Rehabilitation is dedicated to adults with disabilities who want to discover new social direction and expand their horizon.
Focus 2000 Creative Therapies: Drama, Art and Music        
Ph: 846 6295 Creative therapy is effective with: behavioural difficulties, loss and bereavement, emotional & physical abuse, developing self-awareness, self-esteem/self worth, bipolar disorders, neuroses, depression and personal control.  Prices range from $10 to $60 an hour depending on age, disability, circumstance, etc. Please contact us for the price that applies for you.
Focus Conductive Education
Ph: 846 6295
The centres provide assessment, home programmes for children up to the age of six whose motor disorders originate from damage to the central nervous system, early childhood and kindergarten, school age centre based programme, follow-up and block courses.
Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Education (FADE)                
Ph: 444 1705
Provide information and support to future mothers with alcohol problems and their families on alcohol and pregnancy.

Frontier O.T. Consulting
Ph: 630 9314 Web: http://www.frontierotconsulting.co.nz/
Works on maximising participation within community, professional and educational groups but consulting from an Occupational Therapy perspective. This is especially helpful for entities working closely with special needs clients/employees as we work on explaining the why’s and how’s of support in that specific group.
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Trust 
Ph: 480 6530                                      
Grandparents mutual support group when they are parenting their grandchildren due to death/illness/abuse etc. Newsletter. Handbook available.
Grey Lynn Neighbourhood Law Office
Ph: 378 6085 Fax: 378 7796 
Haemophilia Foundation of NZ Inc.
Ph: 302 2522  
Halberg Trust Activity Fund (Sport Opportunity Advisor)
Ph: 415 4650
Promote the participation in sport and recreational activities by disabled people. The Activity Fund is set up to assist young people with a disability, age 8-16 (or age 5-16 for swimming), to participate in sport and active leisure. Applications can be made for equipment, such as modified bikes or boccia balls, or an activity such as swimming lessons or to cover the cost of a support person in a sport or recreation enviroment. Helberg Trust will fund those costs over and above what it would cost for a child without a disability to participate in community sport, recreation and physical activity in an inclusive enviroment.
Ph: 0800 611 116
Free health support: 24 hours health advisory service funded by MOH, available from landlines and mobile phones at no cost to the user. When calling a nurse will assess a persons condition and recommend the best course of action.
Hearing Association Auckland Inc. (HAAI)
Ph: 524 9847 Fax: 523 1248
Fully equipped audiology clinic, hearing aid servicing & repairs, hearing therapist and testing, ear nurse specialist, wax removal, audiology technician, tinnitus society.
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People New Zealand   
Ph/fax: 489 5324 Ph: 06 769 5000 Fax: 06 769 5400
Specially trained Hearing Dogs provide valuable services to deaf and hearing-impaired people in much the same way as guide dogs for blind people. In 1998 Hearing Dogs for Deaf People New Zealand was formally established and incorporated as a charitable trust. Previously no organisation for training and placing these dogs existed in New Zealand. Hearing Dogs for Deaf People have the same access rights as Guide Dogs for the blind - they are allowed into all public places, including food premises.
Huntingtons Disease Association (Auckland) Inc.
Ph: 815 9703   Fax: 815 9704 Ph: 0800 432 825
Family Liaison Co-ordinator provides home and community-based contact with families and individuals wanting information, advice and advocacy related to the huntingtons gene. Focus on people at risk, tested gene-positive, undergoing life changes and/or the onset of Huntingtons Disease and through disease stages.
IDEA Services
Ph: 418 4139
IHC services offered: residential, vocational, family support and supported employment to people who are intellectually disabled.

IHC - One to one Friendship and Skill Based Programmes

IHC recruits, trains and matches volunteers with adults who have an intellectual disability.  A volunteer and their friend may spend time doing things they both enjoy or learning a new skill.  We are now taking referrals, for further information please contact the IHC volunteer coordinator in your region.  http://www.ihc.org.nz/get-involved/volunteering/volunteeringenquiries/ 

Immunisation Awareness Society (IAS)

Ph: 303 0187 
Provides information to encourage parents/caregivers to make informed decisions and take full responsibility for their familys health regarding vaccinations. Also provides group talks and media liaison. Membership includes newsletters, IAS internal library access and support group connection. There is free phone and email support, plus a website.
International Essential Tremor Foundation                   
Ph: 04 938 5525

IT Service Women
Ph: 09 966 4488
IT Service Women Ltd is a mobile IT service company consisting of refreshingly fun, IT qualified female staff who are dedicated to providing personalised IT service packages for residential care homes and their residents - retirement villages, rest homes, nursing homes & brain injury rehabilitation centers.

The women of IT Service Women are on a very clear mission to bridge the communication gap between care home residents & their loved ones by providing care homes with 24/7 on-site access to computers, Internet, private IT tutorials & on-going computer and training support to enable residents to keep a constant and personal connection with family, through technology and education.
Janet McVeagh Recreation (2005) Ltd.
Ph: 625 9534
Provide a range of services for adults and children of all abilities, including creative dance, swimming, boccia, trampolining, camps, holiday programmes and more.
Justice Action Group                                                           
Ph: 818 9413
Support people with an intellectual disability who have come into contact with the criminal justice system as offenders.

KidsLink.co.nz is an easy to use website designed to help you understand your child’s needs and connect you to relevant, local, current and trusted service providers – services which help you with all your child’s learning, behavioural, physical, extra-curricular and care needs.

KidsLink is owned and run by teachers who’ve experienced a vast array of children’s changing needs from babies to young adults.   

They are focused on helping provide families with the right information to develop healthy, confident children so they can reach their full potential.

Check out their website here. www.kidslink.co.nz

Ph: 481 0045 or 0800 KIDSTART (0800543 782)
Provides home-based care and learning for children from birth to five years in the welcoming home environment of a KidStart Caregiver. Become a KidStart Caregiver and we will support you to make an income in your own home, doing a job you enjoy, with prospects of career advancement. For more information please visit www.barnardos.org.nz.

Kelston Deaf Education Centre    
Ph: 827 4859   Fax: 827 9819                
A residential special school for Deaf children, providing services for hearing impaired children and families. A counselling service is available to deaf or hard of hearing pre-schoolers to transition aged students and their families.

Kidney Kids of NZ INC                                                          
Ph: 571 0458
Parent-driven organisation set up to meet the needs of children who have kidney disorders.
La Leche League
Ph: 473 8666
For breastfeeding mothers. Support and discussion groups. Telephone information. Information for mothers including those with babies with special needs.
Laura Fergusson Trust
Ph: 524 0537
Provides accommodation, care, and rehabilitation services to people aged 16-64 years old with a disability. Using a holistic approach to facilitate community re-integration and assist people with a broad range of physical disabilities to gain and maintain independence. Workshops, gym, computer training, kitchen, hydrotherapy, 44 self contained units, recreational facilities. ACC clients referred by case manager, MOH referred by Needs Assessors, Private funding contact Laura Fergusson Trust directly.  There are 3 beds set up for young people 16-25 years old who have severe physical impairments.
Lifeline NZ
Ph: 522 2999
Free confidential telephone counselling service. 24hrs, 365 days of the year.
Life Unlimited Hearing Therapy Services (North Shore)
Ph: 415 8129
A free professional hearing therapy service for adults 16 years and over. Qualified therapists give hearing tests, advice and support to anyone experiencing difficulty because of a hearing loss.
Literacy North Shore                                                           
Ph: 480 2444
Provides adults with assistance through one-to-one tutoring with reading, writing, spelling, maths, drivers licence. Free and confidential.
Lupus Trust of New Zealand
Ph: 473 8778
Systematic Lupus Erythematous. Hard to say. Harder to live with. Regular meetings are held at Each Coast Bays, New Lynn and St Lukes.
Mates Place
Ph: 630 9314 Web: http://www.frontierotconsulting.co.nz/
Social skills based holiday programs. These programs are aimed at children aged 7-12 years old who have moderate needs and don’t quite cope with larger, less structured holiday programs. We work on specific family-chosen goals to support the child’s social development and confidence.

Mental Health Foundation New Zealand
Ph: 300 7010   Fax: 300 7020                                           
Promotes mental health, provides information and resources.
Advocate for mental health consumers and lobby for policy changes, to provide suicide prevention information service and training opportunities for employment. Do not provide services to individuals.
Migrant Services North Shore
Ph: 486 4081   Fax: 486 4083
Provides information, referrals and employment assistance to migrants and refugees. Also assists migrants with CVs and job search, seminars, business advice, support and wherever possible in the settlement and integration into New Zealand society. All services are free.
Mobility Assistance Dog Trust (Mobility Dogs)
Ph: 448 5520
Provide Mobility Dogs for those with physical disabilities. Mobility Dogs will enhance the confidence and self-esteem of mobility impaired individuals by providing canine and associated support appropriate to their environment.
That is, a dog trained to aid and assist a human partner as required day and night, inside their homes and out in the community.
MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society NZ
Ph: 443 1153
Is an independent, self governing, voluntary organisation. Their goal is to improve the quality of life and to support people on the North Shore and Rodney district who have MS and associated neurological diseases.                       
Muscular Dystrophy Northern
Ph: 415 5682
Field worker service provides Information, education, support, advocacy. Working to raise awareness in the wider community. Cover over 60 neuromuscular conditions. A small annual membership fee of $20 or donation.
National Heart Foundation of New Zealand
Ph: 571 9191 Fax: 571 9190
Promote good health for all New Zealanders and reduce suffering and early death from heart and blood vessel disease, through heath services and by funding research. It provides a range of services for the public and health professionals, including heart health promotion programmes in schools, the food industry and the community.
National Foundation for the Deaf Inc.(NFD)
Ph/TTY: 307 2922 or 0800 867 446
To provide support to communities, individuals with hearing loss and their families. Scholarships, Training & Development Grant, Notetaker/Communicator Fund and Quest for Excellence are available.  PHONAK hearing products go to website www.phonak.com
New Zealand Federation of Disability Information Centres (NZFDIC)
Ph: 0800 17 1981 or 0800 69 3342    www.weka.net.nz
Weka is New Zealands disability information web site, for people with disabilities, their families, whanau and caregivers, health professionals and disability information providers.Weka is maintained by Enable New Zealand and the New Zealand Federation of Disability Information Centres.
New Zealand Relay
Ph: 0800 4712 712 voice or 0800 4711 711 TTY
Telecommunications service for people who are deaf, hearing impaired, or speech impaired.
New Zealand Speak Easy Association
Ph: 379 6364
A support group for people who stutter in achieving fluency with confidence and support, publish quarterly magazine Air Flow.
New Zealand Tinnitus Association Inc.
Ph: 410 4939
Supplies information about the condition to those who suffer with noises in the head and ears (Tinnitus) and/or Menieres Disease. A journal is produced four times per year. Office hours: 10am-12 noon, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
North Harbour Health Trust        
Ph: 443 0262   Fax: 443 3415                
Formerly North Harbour Homecare Inc., HFA and ACC contracted provider. Support services to enable older people and younger disabled people to stay in their homes, including ACC Nursing, frozen meals and meals on wheels. Areas covered: North Shore and North Harbour. Respite care, private service and nursing care. Waitemata DHB subsidised clients require a needs assessment before accessing the service through the Needs Assessment Team at the North Shore Hospital. ACC clients require a needs assessment by an ACC approved needs assessment service. Private paying clients do not require a needs assessment.
North Shore Diabetes Support Group         
Ph: 489 3142
Wide range of info, newsletters, speakers, trips etc. Caregivers guide book for people caring for elderly with diabetes. Regular meetings.
North Shore Fibromyalgia Support Group 
Ph: 578 1958                                                       
Holds meetings with speakers, provides information and help and a chance to communicate with other people with this disorder.
North Shore Hearing Association
Ph: 489 6610
Hearing therapy services for people with a hearing loss and their families. Services provided at the North Shore Hearing Association rooms and in the community. Hearing screening tests, communication skills, auditory training, telephones, hearing aid management and repairs, assistive devices, information on ear health, tinnitus management, family support, client advocacy hearing loss prevention, community education.

North Shore Multiple Sclerosis Society Inc.
Ph: 443 1153 Fax: 444 6792
Provide support, information counselling and advocacy.

North Shore Womens Centre
Ph: 444 4618
Community information and referral service, support groups, sexual abuse counselling, education and supervision of workers, eating difficulties programmes, health education, living skills course, support for women, information on womens issues, resources etc.

NSCSS (North Shore Community and Social Services Inc.)
Ph: 486 4820 Fax: 486 4823
Assisting social service groups with information, networks, capacity building, acting as a legal entity, providing a neutral voice and general assistance; Providing sector specific information, assistance with networking, funding, liaison, research and equipment. Providing seminars on community issues, monthly newsletter Community Connections, a Regional Funding Directory, Social Policy reports, community resources and other publications to assist community groups.

NZ Down Syndrome Association
Ph: 0800 693 724
97 families contributed to the booklet Living With Down Syndrome. A great resource if your life has been touched by someone with Down Syndrome. If you’re pregnant and thinking about testing or if you’re doing a project on Down syndrome. The booklet is available for $3 including p&p.

NZ Family Planning Association
Ph: 486 1013
Works to promote a positive view of sexuality and to enable people to make informed choices about their sexuality and reproductive health and well-being.

NZORD NZ (Org for Rare Disorders)
Ph: 04 566 7707
Provides New Zealands central starting point for information about rare diseases regarding patients & Families, Researchers & Policy Makers, Support Groups, and Clinicians.

Open Home Foundation Auckland Service Centre
Ph: 634 2057 Fax: 634 2056
A Child and Family Support Service, made up of Christians from a variety of Church denominations. Services include assessment & accreditation of Foster Parents and training, prayer support, social workers and financial support. Have 3 respite beds in a family home in Howick setup to cater for children under 16 who have Autism Spectrum Disorder and intellectual impairments.

Orthotics Centre Ltd. (OCL)
Ph: 525 6061
Specialising in custom made orthoses and orthotic footwear. For children with Cerebral Palsy this process starts through a community paediatric service i.e. hospital or child development service. Adults can access MOH funded orthotic services through their GP. This process requires getting in the queue.

Parent and Family Resource Centre (PFRC)
Ph: 636 0351 Fax: 636-0354
The Parent and Family Resource Centre (PFRC) offer information and advice to parents and families/whanau of disabled children and young people.

Parent to Parent
Freeph: 0508 236236 Ph: 625 5021
Provide information services for people with disabilities and their family/whanau. They also provide a national information and advisory service for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families/whanau.

Parents Association of the Mentally Handicapped Inc.
Ph: 444 3823

Parkinsons Auckland (Parkinsonism Society)
Ph: 278 6918, 0800 000 480
Provide specific information and support about Parkinsons disease and related conditions.

Personal Shopper Service
Ph: 444 0659
Personal shopper offering a gift buying and errand running service including buying gifts, picking up prescription, favourites from supermarket, lotto tickets, or just to pick something up for you.

PHAB Association Inc.
Ph: 488 7490, 8 Auburn St, Takapuna Recreation and social activities, training, integrating with persons with disabilities, having some fun. PHAB exists to further the integration of young persons with/without disabilities within a social and recreational environment. Clubs meet in royal Oak, Waitakere, Central Papatoetoe, Manukau, North Shore and Mt. Roskill.

Post-natal Psychosis Support Group
Ph: 449 1011
Support group for women who are experiencing, or have experienced post-natal psychosis. One-to-one support offered, along with support for families and partners.

Prader-Willi Syndrome
Ph: 0800 479 743
Have parent contacts in most centres and can put you in touch with a support person anywhere in NZ.

Ph: 478 5523 Fax: 478 5526
The centre offers a wide array of diagnostic processes and treatment methods catering for both children and adults, including Speech - Language Therapy, Psychological Services, Occupational Therapy, Tutoring in the Reading, Spelling, Written language and Maths.

P Methamphetamine Support Group
Ph: 489 3439
Support group for family, whanau, friends, users and community.

Raeburn House
Ph: 441 8989 Fax: 441 8988
Is a health promotion, community support, resource and information centre for the North Shore Community and provides an integrated range of services with an emphasis on affordability and accessibility. The house also offers facilitated groups and workshops where people are encouraged to exercise greater choice in their lives. The groups are issues based e.g.. women in Separation, survivors of sexual abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, men in change, parenting skills, communication/conflict, stress/assertiveness, older adults, personal growth, depressions/anxiety, mens/womens issues, community groups & workers and more, seminars by expert speakers in the field of parenting, mental health, group work. Booking is essential.

RAS (Refugees as Survivors Centre)
Ph: 270 0870 Fax: 270 0056
Assessment and counselling for survivors of torture and trauma. Is a non-governmental agency which offers a free, confidential service to people from backgrounds where they have experienced or suffered torture or trauma. The service is available to adults, adolescents and children who live within the Northland-Auckland region. Also runs regular information sessions in different languages for refugee communities, facilitated by someone from the same refugee community and are open to refugees, asylum seekers, arrivals through refugee family reunification.

Recreate Auckland Trust
Ph: 636 0351 Fax: 636 0354
Provide recreation for youth with disabilities & support to their families, enhance the social, emotional and physical development of young people with disabilities, provide respite care & support to families, including a wide range of services for young people such as Father and Son Weekend, Mothers Retreat Weekends, classes in dance and swimming, camps, events and Holiday programmes.

REHAB Services
Ph: 620 1701
Wheelchair repairs.

Renaissance Consulting
Ph: 443 1656
Supported Independent Living (SIL) service offers the practical support needed for a good life. SIL is a new way of supporting people who have previously only had the option of living in residential facilities and rest homes. SIL focuses on the needs of each person, rather than assuming that we all want the same life for ourselves. SIL for a rewarding life that includes work opportunities and goals for the future. Approval for Supported Independent Living comes from Needs Assessment (NASC) agencies who manage funds from the Ministry of Health. Your local NASC agency can arrange an assessment to see if you are eligible for SIL and then refer you to Renaissance.

Riding for the Disabled
Ph: 09 426 8110

RMS Refugee Resettlement
Ph: 629 6421 Fax: 629 6417
Initial resettlement agency for quota refugees, with on-going home-based social work support. Service for refugees only.

Royal NZ Foundation for the Blind
Ph: 355 6900, 0800 24 33 33 Fax: 355 6919
Provides services including Accessible Information Consultancy, Equipment Services, Library & Information Services, Guide Dog Services

Salvation Army Community & Family Services
Ph: 441 2554
Provides practical assistance with emergencies, budgeting counselling, family skilling and substance abuse programmes.

Ph: 0508 726 769
Standards and Monitoring Services (SAMS) offers workshops on providing care for a person with a disability. One & two day workshops will run in Auckland on 18th May and again(specially for Asian families )on 24th of June. Topics cover transition to school or workforce, support services, options available in residential and vocational services, managing relationships with professionals, behaviours that challenge, looking after yourself.

Skylight Grief & Loss Issues
Ph: 0800 299 100
Support for professionals and community groups by providing resources, information, training and professional support. They assist children, young people and their families/whanau through tough times.

Ph: 09 845 5361 Fax: 09 845 5368
Art Programmes.

Spectrum Care
Ph: 634 3790 Fax: 634 3791
Child, Youth and Respite Service, Adult service( residential accommodation and related living and daily support services,), community services including home support services, behaviour support services and community cultural services, and Aspirations services (activity and vocational centres).

SPELD Association
Ph: 624 3771 Fax: 624 3717
Specific Learning Disabilities. Offers assistance to people of all ages who, despite no apparent reason, have difficulty in areas of ability such as reading, spelling or writing-necessary to achieving personal goals/ objectives.

Spina Bifida Support Group
Ph: 411 9261
Offering support, information, advice, monthly newsletter and coffee morning.

SPINZ(Suicide Prevention Information New Zealand)
Ph: 300 7035
SPINZ is a national suicide prevention information service which aims to assist communities and
services to prevent suicide by providing them with best practical information.

START (Stuttering Treatment & Research Trust) Auckland
Ph: 379 6364 Fax: 379 6363
Provides comprehensive assessment and treatment service for all people who stutter, delivered by either an individual professional or multi-disciplinary team. START provides an on-going programme for those who have received previous treatment, liaisons with existing treatment
providers, and provides resources on stuttering. An appointment is required and a fee is charged.

Stillbirth & New Born Death Support (SANDS)
Ph: 04 478 0895
Support, information and the opportunity to meet others who have been through, or are
going through, the grief of losing a baby.

Stroke Foundation
Ph: 441 8959 Fax: 441 8958
Offering support, assistance, advice counselling and advocacy for people who have had a stroke, their spouses, families and friends. Field officers, including hospital and home visiting for information, assessment, assistance and advice. Stroke Club network for rehabilitation, games, sports, entertainment, fellowship and outings.

Ph: 815 3232 Fax: 815 3230 www.talklink.org.nz
Assistive communication services for people who have difficulty communicating through speech, gesture or writing. Provides: assessments, equipment trials, training and support, the completion of funding applications, consultation meetings with clients and allied professional,
information provision, workshops and seminars, support packages to schools.
Te Tai Tokerau Community Law Service
Ph: 438 5889 Fax: 438 5889

Ph: 359 2177, 0800 674 268 Fax: 356 9939
Home phones available for those with special needs. Phones with large numbers on keypad or up to five multiple handsets.

Ph: 09 424 2880 / 027 273 0022
Email: info@teenadders.org.nz

Website: www.teenadders.org.nz
Teenadders support young people with AD/HD and their families - covering Hibiscus Coast, Helensville, Rodney District and the North Shore areas. Our aim is to support these young people and to give them the skills to achieve to the best of their ability.

The Asian Network Inc.
Ph: 815 7851 Fax: 815 7852
A pan-Asian community organization to hold network meeting, organizing public health competency workshops, initiating topical discussion forums and many other initiatives to meet the changing needs of Asian population.

The Association of Blind Citizens of New Zealand
Ph: 523 0195
Remove the obstacles to blind and vision impaired people integrating into the wider community. Channel members views into lobbying of local and national government for better recognition of special needs. Provide opportunities for social activities and peer support.

The Phobic Trust of New Zealand Inc.
24-hr Phobic Phoneline: 0800 14 Anxiety (14 2694 389), Auckland Clinic: 846 9776 Admin: 815 2554 Fax:849 2375
The Anxiety Disorders Clinics: provide needs assessment including consumer/whanau education, psychiatric assessment, management and treatment, psychological treatment specializing in cognitive behavioural therapy, research on the impact of the anxiety disorders in the community, 24-hr nation-wide support/crisis line, structured therapeutic workshops, counsellors and support people, consumer and family support groups, education and international conference, workforce development (in-house training of health professionals), specialist adolescent clinical services.

Widows & Widowers Association of NZ
Ph: 479 6042
Caring and friendship, activities, coffee mornings, indoor bowls, outings, dining out, etc. Men especially welcomed- help you through your grieving.

Wilson Home Trust
Ph: 488 4688 Family Coordinator ext: 5828
Support for children with disabilities and their families. Bi-monthly newsletter called Family Matters.

Womens Health Action
Ph: 520 5295 Fax: 520 5731
Focuses primarily on the health of women, providing the support and information that enables them to make decisions about their health.

YES Disability Resource Centre
Ph: 414 5360 Fax: 414 5361
PO Box 301397, Albany 0752 / Lion Foundation House, 3 William Laurie Place, Albany, North Shore City
The YES Disability Resource Centre offers disability information and advice, disability equipment and products for sale / hire, models best practice in design and layout, advice on how best to meet the needs arising from impairment, provision of serviced offices, meeting rooms and gym/activity area for support organisations. The centres fleet of rental equipment includes wheelchairs, light weight transit and self propelled, walkers, crutches, scooter, ramps.

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