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If you would like your community organisation to be listed on this "Links" page please email Meena on info@yesdisability.org.nz.

Please note we are linked to many organisations, however this is not by way of endorsement.

Accessible Accommodation NZ www.oysternz.co.nz
ADHD Association www.adhd.co.nz
ADHD Support Groups www.adhd.org.nz
Age Concern NZ www.ageconcern.org.nz
AIDS - NZ AIDS Foundation www.nzaf.org.nz
Allergy NZ www.allergy.org.nz
Alzheimers Foundation Auckland Inc. www.alzheimers.org.nz
Amputees Federation of New Zealand Inc. www.af.org.nz
Arthritis NZ www.arthritis.org.nz
Asian Network Inc. (The) www.asiannetwork.org.nz  
Asthma & Respiratory Foundation of NZ www.asthmanz.co.nz
Auckland City Mission www.aucklandcitymission.org.nz
Auckland Disability Providers Network adpn.org.nz
Autism NZ Inc. www.autismnz.org.nz
Barnardos NZ www.barnardos.org.nz
Barrier Free NZ Trust www.barrierfreenz.org.nz
Bereavement Care Service www.bereavementcare.com
Brain and Spinal Cord www.brainandspinalcord.org
Brain Injury Association of NZ Inc. (BIANZ) www.brain-injury.org.nz
Care on Call  www.careoncall.co.nz
CCS Disability Action www.ccsdisabilityaction.org.nz
Cancer Society of NZ www.cancernz.org.nz
Cerebral Palsy Society of NZ Inc. www.cpsoc.org.nz
Child's Play O.T. www.childsplayot.co.nz
Childrens Autism Foundation www.autism.org.nz
Citizens Advice Bureau www.cab.org.nz
Coeliac Society of NZ (Inc.) www.colourcards.com/coeliac/
2020 Communcations Trust www.2020.org.nz
Complex Carers Group www.carers.net.nz
Creative Abilities www.creativeabilties.co.nz
Cycstic Fibrosis Association www.cfnz.org.nz
De Paul House www.depaulhouse.org.nz
Deaf Association of NZ www.deaf.co.nz
Diabetes NZ www.diabetes.org.nz
Diabetes Support Group Auckland www.diabetesauckland.org.nz  
Disability Resource Centre www.disabilityresource.org.nz  
Disabled Persons Assembly NZ www.dpa.org.nz
Dyspraxia Support Group of NZ Inc. www.dyspraxia.org.nz
Eldernet www.eldernet.co.nz
Enable NZ www.enable.co.nz
Epilepsy NZ www.epilepsy.org.nz
Family Planning Association (EPA) www.fpanz.org.nz
Family Works www.familyworks.org.nz
Focus 2000 www.focus2000.org.nz
Foundation for Alcohol & Drug Education (FADE) www.fade.org.nz
Frontier OT Consulting www.frontierotconsulting.co.nz
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Trust www.raisinggrandchildren.org.nz
Haemophilia Foundation of NZ Inc. www.haemophilia.org.nz
Halberg Trust Activity Fund www.halberg.co.nz
Head Injury Society of NZ Inc. www.head-injury.org.nz
Healthline www.healthline.co.nz
Hearing Association Inc. www.hearingnz.org.nz  
Hearing Association of NZ www.hearing.org.nz  
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People NZ www.hearingdogs.orconhosting.net.nz
Huntingtons Disease Association www.huntingtons.org.nz
IDEA Services www.ihc.org.nz
IHC Volunteer Services http://www.ihc.org.nz/get-involved/volunteering/volunteeringenquiries/
Immunisation Awareness Society www.ias.org.nz
International Essential Tremor Foundation www.essentialtremor.org/
IT Service Women Ltd (Personalised Computer Installs & Education) www.ITService-Women.co.nz
Janet McVeagh Recreation (2005) Ltd www.adsa.org.nz
Justice Action Group www.justiceactiongroup.org/
Kelston Deaf Education Centre www.kdec.school.nz
Kidney Kids of NZ Inc. www.kidneykids.org.nz
KidsLink www.kidslink.co.nz
KidStart www.banardos.org.nz
La Leche League www.lalecheleague.org.nz
Laura Fergusson Trust www.lft.co.nz
Learning Skills 4 Kids www.learningskills4kids.com
Lifeline NZ www.lifeline.co.nz
Life Unlimited Hearing Therapy Services www.life.nzl.org/
Literacy Aotearoa www.literacy.org.nz
Lupus Trust of NZ www.lupus.org.nz
Mates Place http://www.frontierotconsulting.co.nz/
Mens & Fathers Support Group menz.org.nz  
Mental Health Foundation NZ www.mentalhealth.org.nz
Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust www.mobilitydogs.co.nz
Multiple Sclerosis Society NZ www.msnz.org.nz
National Heart Foundation of NZ www.nhf.org.nz
National Foundation for the Deaf Inc. www.nfd.org.nz
Neuromuscular Alliance (prev Muscular Dystrophy) www.nma.org.nz
North Shore Community & Social Serv Inc (NSCSS) www.nscss.org.nz
North Shore Womens Centre www.womyn-ctr.co.nz  
NZ Federation of Disability Information Centres www.nzfdic.org.nz  
NZ Fibromyalgia Information www.voxau.com/fb/fibro/29  
NZ Relay www.nzrelay.co.nz
NZ Society for Music Therapy www.musictherapy.org.nz  
NZ Speak Easy Association www.speakeasynz.org.nz
NZ Tinnitus Association www.tinnitus.org.nz
NZ Down Syndrome Association www.nzdsa.org.nz
NZ Organisation for Rare Disorders www.nzord.org.nz
Open Home Foundation Auckland Service Centre www.ohf.org.nz
Orthotics Centre Ltd www.orthotics.co.nz
Parent & Family Resource Centre www.parentandfamily.org.nz
Parent to Parent www.parent2parent.org.nz
Parkinsons Society of NZ www.parkinsons.org.nz
PHAB Association Inc. www.phab.org.nz
Post-natal Psychosis Support Group www.pnpsupport.org.nz
Post Polio Support Society NZ Inc. www.postpolio.org.nz  
Prader-Willi Syndrome Association of NZ www.pwsa-nz.co.nz
Pro-Ed www.proed.co.nz
Methamphetamine Addiction & Crystal Meth Support www.fightagainstp.com/
Raeburn House www.raeburnhouse.org.nz
Refugees as Survivors Centre (RAS) www.aucklandras.org.nz
Recreate Auckland Trust www.recreate-auckland.org.nz
Renaissance Group - Email: team@ren2001.co.nz
Riding for the Disabled www.rda.org.nz
RMS Refugee Resettlement www.refugeeservices.org.nz
Royal NZ Foundation for the Blind www.rnzfb.org.nz
Salvation Army Community & Family Services www.salvationarmy.org.nz
Standards & Monitoring Services (SAMS) www.sams.org.nz
Skylight Grief & Loss Issues www.skylight.org.nz
SPARK www.spark.org.nz
Spectrum Care www.spectrumcare.org.nz
SPELD Association www.speld.org.nz
Suicide Prevention Inforamtion NZ (SPINZ) www.spinz.org.nz
Support Options www.supportoptions.co.nz
Stuttering Treatment & Research Trust (START) www.stuttering.co.nz
Stillbirth & New Born Death Support (SANDS) www.sands.org.nz
Stroke Foundation www.stroke.org.nz
Talklink www.talklink.org.nz
Teenadders www.teenadders.org.nz
Touch Compass www.touchcompass.org.nz
The Association of Blind Citizens of NZ www.abcnz.org.nz
The Phobic Trust of NZ Inc. www.phobic.org.nz
WebHealth www.webhealth.co.nz
Weka www.weka.net.nz
Wilson Home Trust www.wilsonhometrust.org.nz
Womens Health Action www.womens-health.org.nz
Yes Disability Resource Centre www.yesdisability.org.nz


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